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Football Scouting Application


A centralized application for Football Pro & Amateur scouting reports, player development, analytics and visualizations. See transactions, contracts, and Pro and Amateur Evals in one centralized application for your entire organization. Custom insights and advanced analytics for scouts, analysts and GMs.

Basketball Analytics Software


We combine our extensive expertise in software development, data visualizations and basketball data to create a single platform of basketball analytics. Our comprehensive application has a wide range of insights – from scouting reports to advanced statistics to contract details. No one knows NBA data better than we do since we created and maintain the Player Contract Management System (PCMS) for the NBA.

Baseball Analytics Software


A customized hub of scouting, contracts, transactions and analytical data built to your needs to allow for quick access and analysis of all things baseball for your organization. No one knows MLB data better than we do since we created and maintain the electronic Baseball Information System (eBIS) for MLB.

Baseball Draft App


The LBi Dynasty Rule 4 Draft App is a light-weight application designed to integrate seamlessly with the MLB Rule 4 Draft in real time. The Draft App combines statistics and scouting data accumulated throughout the scouting season to determine the best available player on the board. All the information you have on amateur players is presented in a way that makes preparation and decision making easy, in what is a very fast-paced environment.

Baseball College App


LBi Dynasty is the industry leader in building scouting and operations platforms for professional sports teams and leagues. With over 10 years of experience, we have now brought that expert knowledge to the Amateur level with our Diamond platform. Treat your players and data like the professional teams do with a simple-to-use interface packed with all the data and video you already have.

LBi Dynasty is a sports analytics solution by LBi Software that creates superior teams through precise, customized insights succinctly delivered to club decision-makers in any format, on any device. This sports analytics software gives its users a competitive edge and empowers general managers, coaches, and scouts to make better draft picks, signings, and trades through streamlined and accurate statistics. LBi Dynasty equips clubs and teams with customized tools they can utilize whether they're on the sidelines, in the press box, or riding the bus.
LBi Dynasty is a custom sports analytics solution by LBi Software.